Arms of the Sun
released in 2000


Akire's first CD, Arms of the Sun, is now here!

Praise for Akire's new CD, Arms of the Sun:

"A collection of thirteen songs, the album is essentially a cross-section of modern folk. Bubar is remarkably good at transitioning between styles; her songs evoke everyone from Iris DeMent to Maddy Pryor, with a suprising detour into blue-eyed soul with "Procrastination." ...It does a nice job of demonstrating the singer's versatility and keeping the listener on their toes...her voice [is] simultaneously warm and supple, filled with passion..."
- Richard E. Dansky, Green Man Review

"Akire has just released an album to be proud of - really proud. She stands boldly naked with just her talent, and it's intensely captivating. Pay attention, this woman's got the magic!"
- Allen Foster, Songwriter's Monthly

The Songs:

  1. What I Miss Most
  2. Burning Times
    with Tracy Feldman on fiddle
  3. Wild Goose (by Dick Connette)
  4. Procrastination
    with Tom Grant of the Jive Five Minus Two on harmony vocals
  5. Answers from the Sea
  6. The Gypsy Davey, One Year Later (by Mike Agranoff)
    with Amy Ksir & Jim Speer of Broadside Electric on crumhorns & recorders
  7. First Star
    with Alex Greenshields on harmony vocals
  8. Beltane's Garden
    with Tracy Feldman on fiddle
  9. No Words for Joy
  10. Crowned in Blue
    with Alex Greenshields on harmony vocals
  11. The Butternut Tree (by Jim West)
    with Helene Zisook of Broadside Electric on fiddle
  12. Rain's Gonna Come
  13. This Solitary Night
    with Susan Bush & Alex Greenshields on harmony vocals

Most of the songs feature voice & guitar, several are a capella, and one's a guitar instrumental. There's two mandolin songs in there, plus the exceedingly nifty musicians & parts you see listed above. 10 of the 13 songs are Akire originals.

Follow this link to contact information for all of the artists and musicians involved in the project!

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