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Arms of the Sun cover

Akire's first CD, Arms of the Sun, is now here! For more information, visit the Arms of the Sun page or Order it Now!


Akire's 1998 five-song demo tape is still available for sale. Order it Now!

The demo includes the following songs:

Crowned in Blue
Rain's Gonna Come (MP3 download)
The Ballad of the White Seal Maid
All My Trials (MP3 download)
Throw Your Cat Away

"This cassette of tunes from Akire clearly captures her magic. She is a tender, vulnerable storyteller, irresistably shy. But when she sings, you can immediately hear the confidence and strength. The only artist that comes close to what she is doing is Dar Williams. This is a project you can fall in love with. 'Throw Your Cat Away' is a keeper!"

-- Songwriter's Monthly

"I really love your cassette. The vocal harmonies at the end of 'Crowned in Blue' are particularly enchanting."

-- Gary, New Brunswick, NJ


Akire appears on Show #187 of ...Horses Sing None of It! -- a public access TV show sponsored by the New Jersey Folk Project. For air dates, check local listings or visit the "Horses" home page. (Akire also appears in Show #30, but don't tell anyone.)

Other Recordings

Akire also sings harmony vocals on albums by Mike Agranoff, Susan Bush, Liza DiSavino, and Patrick Regan.

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