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The primary purpose of this workshop is to teach participants to use the voice as a tool for encouraging deep breathing and relaxation, and for building a connection between body and spirit as well as each other. Singing is a powerful tool for focusing the breath and quieting the mind. When we approach singing with an attentiveness to what is happening in our bodies and to our breath we begin to make powerful observations about the physicality and spirituality of singing and meditation both.

I have found this workshop to have a wide range of appeal, attracting both singers and non-singers alike. For some, the musical aspect of this workshop provides a new and more accessible means of approaching meditation. For others, the meditation is a powerful tool for exploring, focusing, and opening the voice.

Generally speaking, I like to get a group started, and let the course of the workshop unfold organically from there. I choose the techniques that I teach based upon the momentum of the workshop itself, as it is affected by the size, energy, and interests of the group, etc. A sampling of some of the techniques I may teach in any given workshop includes:

  • focusing the breath & audible breathing
  • humming meditiation
  • long note toning
  • harmonic chanting
  • vocal improvisation
  • vocal healing circle, and
  • paired toning.

Through the use of these tools participants will learn:

  • relaxation and stress relief
  • self-expression
  • an ability to listen to and to sense group energy, and
  • techniques which they may take home and use on their own or in groups.

No musical skills are necessary for participation in this workshop, just a willingness to let go and to have fun making a lot of noise. Fundamental to this workshop is the understanding that each of us, regardless of musical "ability" or training, has a tremendous capacity for beauty and creativity within us. Time and time again, without exception, participants in this workshop prove that this is true.

Loose, comfortable clothing recommended; participants may wish to bring a pillow to sit on.

This workshop has been offered through the Mount Airy Learning Tree, the Old Songs Festival of Music & Dance, the Great Hudson River Clearwater Revival, Heritage Dance Festival, University City Arts League, The Folk Project, and other organizations. To book Akire to present this workshop for your organization, contact akire@akire.com.

Future workshops will be announced on Akire's Mailing List (and on this site). Send e-mail to akire-mailinglist@akire.com to join Akire's mailing list!

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